6 commons ways we all hurt our manhood

If we say ‘manhood’ most people relate it with the private part’s length or width, but exactly it’s not only about size.

It’s about performance, how well you perform.

Well, today we have brought a list of things, which we all do in our daily life and in return it hurt our manhood.

Let’s get started:

#1 By not exercising daily – In a research it has been found that people who exercise daily have a much better erectile than people who don’t.

#2 By smoking too much – Smoking hurts your sperm counts badly, so avoid smoking.

#3 By not getting laid – A research says that people who get laid at least 2-3 times a week have lesser chance of erectile dysfunction.

#4 By eating too much junk food – We all know that junk foods are unhealthy and it has a great effect on our manhood too. So avoid eating.

#5 By not sleeping properly – Not having a good sleep directly affects your manhood, so try taking a sleep of around 7-9 hours.

#6 By not washing off the sun cream – Though the sun cream protects you from harmful rays of sun, but it on the other hand also makes you infertile. So wash it off once done.


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