6 amazing facts about Ronnie Woods, you should know about

Born and brought in a middle-class family, but now is famous for his amazing music, meet Ronnie Woods, who recently have become father of twins, in the age of 69.

He apart from his amazing music also known for several things.

And we today have brought few facts about him, which everybody should know.

#1 He started his career as a Guitarist

#2 He is also a very famous painter, very well known for his artworks

#3 He has written several outstanding books, including “How can it be? A rock and roll Diary”, “The Faces” and “Wood on canvas”.

#4 He already is father of four from three wives and grandfather of ten.

#5 He has won several awards for his radio shows.

#6 He is charity supporter. He supports several charity causes.


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