5 weirdest beauty trends from the past

When it comes to become beautiful, some people literally can do anything to achieve it.

Well, today we have brought a list of weirdest beauty trends from past that people followed to give themselves a beautiful look.

#1 Belladonna Drops to enhance the look of eye – These drops are highly toxic, and can even end up with damaging your eyes.


#2 Silicone breasts – These were very famous in 70s but unfortunately they weren’t much safe.


#3 X-Ray hair removals – It was used because it was pain free but it has several side effects over skin.


#4 Rib Removal – Women in past used to adopt this method to give them a curvy look, although it was very much dangerous.


#5 Arsenic for fair complexion – People in past used Arsenic to get fairer skin, but its overdose is poisonous.


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