5 Ukrainian cities that every tourist should visit

Ukraine is becoming more and more popular in recent years. Despite the attention was drawn mainly because of revolutions and the country’s struggle for independence from its Soviet heritage, there are a lot of cultural and historical attractions that slowly gain popularity among tourists.

Ukraine mainly attracts those who like delving into its history and into the origins of Russian-Ukrainian ongoing conflict. Nonetheless, the country has enough to offer to those who prefer visiting foreign states without digging their histories up.

So, without further ado we offer you to check the list of five Ukrainian cities that every tourist should visit.

Kamyanets-Podilskyi was founded sometime in the mid-1,000 century. Because of Ukraine’s complicated history, the city was under Poland, than briefly under Ottoman Empire, than Poland again, Russian Empire, Austria-Hungary, Soviet Union, and Ukraine. Being under the reign of different states made Kamianets-Podilskyi the city of cultural fusion. It is a perfect place if you enjoy fortresses, national parks, ancients caves and churches.


Often dubbed as “Ukrainian Vienna” or “Ukrainian Jerusalem”, Chernivtsi is another city with an old European atmosphere. The city was founded in 1408, and in 1775 was annexed by the Habsburg Empire, and became part of Ukrainian Soviet Republic only in the 1940s. The Austrian period left a lot of beautiful buildings, fortresses, and monasteries. The Residence of Orthodox Bishops of Bukovyna and Dalmatia, situated in Chernivtsi, is in UNESCO heritage list.


Founded in 1794, Odessa remains one of the most important ports of Ukraine. The city was under the reigns of Ottoman Empire, Russian Empire and Soviet Union, with each of the periods impacting Odessa. With the great number of sea resorts, museums, libraries, theaters, and castles Odessa is a perfect place for tourists, who enjoy summer trips.


Often called the cultural capital of Ukraine, Lviv was founded in the 1240s. Being under different empires and states, from ancient kingdoms to Polish and Russian Empires, Nazi Germany, and Soviet Union, the city became the birth place of Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian poets, writers, directors, and singers. With its theaters, old buildings, churches demonstrating cultural diversity, Lviv was included in UNESCO list of monuments of world importance.


Finally, the capital of Ukraine. Founded in 482 A.D. Kyiv is one of the oldest cities in Europe, and arguably the cradle of East Slavic civilization. Kyiv has a large number of museums, libraries, theaters, fortresses, and churches that are on UNESCO heritage list. Moreover, Kyiv is a magnificent place for shopping and night-life, with a big number of shopping malls and night-clubs.



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