5 things which we should keep in mind for a better skin

We all want to have a very lighting and soft skin, without any pimples or something else. But we usually make few mistakes (unknowingly) which we have to avoid this time to get desired skin.

Let’s know what mistakes we make:

#1 Using product which has fragrance – few experts say that using products which have fragrance a lot may cause allergy to your skin.

#2 Not using sunscreen before going out – Sunscreen simply saves our skin from the harmful UV rays of sun, so never skip it. Always use before going out.

#3 Choosing wrong moisturizer – Choose only that moisturizer which has no alcohol or any type of other harsh chemical in it.

#4 Choosing wrong toner – Choosing toner which has alcohol or any other harsh chemical, may affect your skin, so avoid choosing that type of toners.

#5 Excess scrubbing – Scrubbing is good, but excess scrubbing is obviously not. If you do excess scrubbing, then along with dust particles, you also lose natural oil from skin, which eventually becomes the reason of rashes and other skin issues.


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