5 things men do but never admit

Men and women are two different creatures; both are said of having different taste in different things.

Most men are believed as the ruff and tuff guys who never cry and on the other hand girls are believed as the soft and cute creatures.

Well, here we are today revealing the five things which most men like to do but never admit.

Let’s get started:

#1 Dancing and Singing – Men show their inner talent whenever they get time (most of time alone or with most special ones).

#2 Shopping – It’s not about roaming in malls and taking selfies all over, but it’s about spending some money on buying some stuffs for himself.

#3 Food – Yes, they like your healthy food but never admit

#4 Selfies – They also like to take selfies but they don’t show just because of his friends who will start making fun of them

#5 Seeing other girls – Yes, they check out other girls but never admit.


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