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5 mistakes that most women make with their bra


Choosing a perfect bra for your body is not that much tricky but you have to always take care of requirements otherwise you may end up disturbing the size and shape of your breasts.

So, here are the few tips on the mistakes which most women make.

#1 Tying your bra correctly is the key thing. Look at the below image and understand what is key here.


#2 Sometimes girls find little swelling at the back or under the arms and that mainly happens because of wearing too tight bra. So size matters a lot.


#3 Sometimes breasts come out of the bra from top or sides and that’s because of wrong size of bra.


#4 If the outline of bra is visible from the outside then either your bra is too large in size as compared to your breasts or your bra is not matching with your outfits.


#5 If your bra straps falls down frequently then the reason may be the wrong size of bra or both straps of bra are not of equal length.