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4 Tips for Decorating on a budget


For many people, their home environment is one of the most important places in their lives. It’s where people feel safe and at ease, and where they make memories, whether that be through entertaining guests or raising families; which is why it is unsurprising that many people desire to create a beautiful home which they can be proud of. However, many people are often put off of redecorating their homes, as often lots of small purchases around the home can accumulate a big cost. If you would like to decorate your home, but you don’t have a large budget to do so, then here are four simple tips to help you keep the costs down.

Small changes make a big difference

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make a big difference, so before you go out and spend a lot of money on fancy new furnishings, or drawing up blueprints of structural changes to the house, start by addressing the obvious issues. Fill in cracks in plaster, strip off old wallpaper, and add a fresh lick of paint to the inside and outside of the house. This will make a huge difference to how you perceive your home, and you might even find you don’t need to do much further decoration.

Do it yourself

Paying for decorators can massively increase the amount of money that you have to spend on your home changes, so one of the best ways to save on costs it to try to do it yourself. If you’re not particularly skilled at decorating, there are plenty of YouTube tutorial videos which you can watch to help you. Alternatively, if you feel you might need assistance, then you could look at creating your own flyer templates , and posting them in your local area to try and recruit some volunteers to help you for little or no cost.

Use second-hand items

Something that’s new to you doesn’t necessarily have to be straight from the store, as preloved items can be found in great shape which could be just what you need. For example, you could try looking in thrift shops, going to garage sales and shopping on online second-hand stores to see if you can find any items of furniture, ornaments or pieces of wall art to decorate your home with. You can either look for items which are already in good condition, or buy old items which might not be useful in their current state, but could be upcycled to meet your needs.

Get creative

One of the key aspects of decorating on a budget is to think outside of the box . You may have a lot of items lying around the house which could serve a dual purpose, such as using old sheets of wallpaper to create feature photos, or using buttons, shells or ribbons to decorate picture frames. Play with colors, patterns, and designs to really give your home a sense of the ‘wow factor.’ Once you get thinking you’ll be surprised at what you can come up with.