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4 things to consider when designing your new bathroom


The bathroom can be one of the toughest rooms in the house when it comes to design. It requires greater functionality than almost any other room given that it is where we wash, clean, empty and prepare ourselves. You’ll also want to combine that practicality with a sense of style as every visitor to your house is likely to need to visit the bathroom at some point, meaning that along with the downstairs living areas, it is one of the most visible areas of the home.

How do you make it a functional space that is stylish at the same time then? Here are four things to consider when designing your new bathroom.

What sort of shower do you want?

There are plenty of considerations to take into account when deciding on the sort of shower you want for your new bathroom. Firstly, there is the base. Polymarble bases have been a familiar sight in bathrooms for over 50 years and provide the easiest to clean, durable and attractive bases which can also be easily molded into any shape or size. Alternatively, a tile tray base offers the look of a shower base that stylishly blends into the floor of the rest of the room. Your shower screen can offer a variety of looks from classic, modern or luxurious depending on whether you go for semi-frameless, fully frameless or single glass and you can also check out Shower Filter Reviews for advice when it comes to which shower head to go for.

Do you want your plumbing fittings to make a statement?

Your choice of tapware in the bathroom is one of the subtlest yet biggest opportunities to make a statement. Every visitor to your bathroom will use your taps which means that they are a great way to say something about your and your home. If you want to portray an image of the traditional family home, then go for gold , silver or bronze taps in regular styles. For greater modernity, black is becoming a sought-after choice. When it comes to design, minimal taps suggest a laid-back household while elaborate fittings can portray money and wealth.

Mirrors for vanity or practicality?

You obviously want the bathroom to look good and a large part of that will come down to the wall fittings and in particular, the mirror. Yet you need to balance the desire between vanity and practicality. Remember, the bathroom mirror is likely to be the spot where you get yourself ready every day so it needs to be in a practical place in that regard – there is little point in hanging it on the wall on which it looks best, but is a position which renders it difficult to use. You should also consider the fact that a well-placed mirror can make a room appear bigger which can be helpful should your bathroom be on the small side.

How do you want your walls to look?

Depending on the layout of your bathroom, your wall tiles will be the dominant feature of the room. You’ll need to select a color, finish and size that fits in with the rest of your design and then choose the height. Most tiling goes up to one meter upwards from the floor, but an increasing number of modern-looking bathrooms are now opting for floor-to-ceiling.