4 Amazing Ways to Avoid Pregnancy Without use of Condom

Getting pregnancy news is sometimes not that great, especially for the couples who are not ready for the new member.

And the best method to prevent pregnancy is ‘use of condoms’ while love making.

But wait, what would you do if you don’t have any.

Well, here are the four amazing ways to prevent pregnancy without use of condoms.

#1` Calculate the safe days – Well, it means making love around her ‘periods time’ is comparatively safer. Suppose her cycle starts on 1st of month, then you can make love once it gets over, for few days.

#2 Withdraw before Ejaculation – This method simply says to remove your pen*s before ejaculation. In other words, don’t ejaculate inside her.

#3 Birth Control Pills – This could be easiest and safest way to prevent pregnancy.

#4 Sterilization – This method comes with 100% efficiency for both, males and females. But it is permanent method, which means if you go for sterilization method, you couldn’t have baby in future.


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