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22-Year-Old Lingerie Model Has Taken The Modeling World By A Storm


Story of a Girl who wanted to see a world where people are not stigmatized, sensationalized, objectified or crimalized for being who they are. She wanted to see a world of Gender self-determination, where you don’t have a question ‘ Is it a boy or a girl ‘, but rather ‘ Are they healthy? ‘

1. Situation that shook her!
shook her
Due to bad financial state, she was sent to an all boys temple school to become a monk. For 6 years, she continued being a monk but lately realized that it was not something she wanted out of life.
2. The first step!
live as a girl
She always wanted to live as a girl, wanted to be known as somebody, and that’s how she started her work in modeling with her first assignment of lingerie.
3. Comfortable in her own skin!
She knew she is never gonna turn back to the old days, and that’s when she started facing the camera that boost her confidence all the more.
4. The grooming!
Tao was inspired by Yui Phetkanha , the model who trained her for the period of 3 months, and got her make over done.
5. The inspiration!
Yui Phetkanha (right) The model who inspired Tao. And that’s how it helped her to pursue a career in modeling.

6. Never ending efforts!
Never ending
She was determined to live the life as she wanted, and how she wanted, even after being caught by her mother for breast developing process.
7. Fame!
She became what she dreamt of, started making money, and as we say a daughter is a daughter who never leaves her family at any circumstance, she started paying off for her mother’s debt.
8. Popularity phase!
Tears turned into smiles after she became the most well known Lingerie models in Thailand.
9. Hard work pays off!
pays off
One after the other she kept on signing her assignments and kept flying high to never return as a monk. But she secretly kept meeting up four of her friends and kept doing ‘girlie’ things.
10. Acknowledgment!
She built up her reputation in Singapore as a famous model. She did many local shows and commercials. She made herself being among one of the girls, standing on her feet. Kudos!