15 Year Old is Jailed for 25 Years because He Pranked his Friend

A 15 year old teen is jailed for 25 long years and the reason why he is sent to jail, will leave you speechless.

Well, the reason is, he pranked his friend.

Here is the full story:

#1 15 years old, Paul Horner was a die hard gamer and he loved to prank while playing video games.

15 Year Old was Jailed for 25 Years because He Pranked his Friend1

#2 Well, this obsession forced him to call the security agencies and alert about ‘fake’ murder or some bomb threats or even worse, pointing some friend’s house.

#3 The SWAT team after this ‘information’, used to raid the address.

#4 He did this ‘prank’ for multiple times, until security agencies tracked him down.

#5 During trial, judge told to Paul “Thinking that your actions were only a prank did not make them only a prank”.


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