15 most hilarious women t-shirt statement fails

Its always said that you should wear that cloths which increases your beauty and it mostly goes for women.

But, some women literally don’t think of what they are wearing and hence this happens:

Check out the below images.

  1. Yeah, she loves ‘COLLAGES’1

  2. First Mount her then Do2

  3. Only real one3

  4. Wait what4

  5. She is ready to be mother, I guess5

  6. A very true ‘wish’6

  7. Honesty award goes to…7

  8. Hmmm8

  9. Who said this to you girl9

  10. Why will I hate then10

  11. And the best example is this11

  12. Yeah, sure for a better scene12

  13. Truth revealed13

  14. Nops, not at all.14

  15. Lesbian alert


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