15 Advices for Women to have a Endless Relationship

Complicating the relationship over silly issues is not a big thing these days. Unfortunately, in several cases we have seen, this has become the reason of break up.

So you always need to keep everything fine and working.

Here are the few tips for women which helps in avoiding any complication between relationship:

#1 Always show that he is important to you. Always try to make him feel special.

#2 Never hide anything.

#3 Try to listen him also.

#4 Don’t be judgemental immediately.

#5 Be clear in what you say

#6 Don’t try to make him fool

#7 Don’t ever underestimate him

#8 Try to understand his point rather than suppressing yours

#9 Never think that he will understand your mind, just say whatever you want

#10 Never force him to do what you like only

#11 Always try to solve any problem with talk not with argument

#12 You can praise him too. It’s not only his duty to praise you.

#13 Support him if he feels low. Try to cheer him up. Do not just ignore, he might get irritated.

#14 If he likes anything and you don’t, then even try to be his side.

#15 Never blame him unnecessarily


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