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13 facts about your pee you should definitely know


Peeing is a very normal phenomena of our body but I am sure that you wouldn’t be knowing several things about your pee.

Well, today we have brought the 13 facts about pee.

Let’s get started:

#1 Urine contains almost 95 percent water

#2 Romans loved pee so much that their doctors of that time advised them to wash teeth using pee to get whiter teeth.

#3 On an average, a healthy person pee seven times a day.

#4 On an average, a healthy person’s pee lasts for around 7 seconds.

#5 Adult person’s bladder can hold urine upto 300-500 ml.

#6 Girls don’t pee from their vagina

#7 Frequent visit to bathroom is sign of good health

#8 If your urine smells sweet then you might have diabetes

#9 If your urine smells foul, then you might have some infections

#10 Apart from water, urine contains sodium, potassium and chloride and other three thousand components

#11 Urine is used to prepare gunpowder

#12 Morning pee is more acidic than throughout the day

#13 Stream of urine is wider in women than men