12 amazing facts about human body that you should know

Human body is the most critical and weirdest machines ever found on this earth.

Well, that is true. But there is something about human body, which not every single person would be knowing.

That’s why we today have brought 12 amazing facts about human body.

Let’s get started:

  1. Human baby has more bones than an adult
  2. Sweat is odourless
  3. Person with excessive hairs on body mostly are intellectuals
  4. Nose can recognize more than 50,000 different aromas
  5. Human body has iron with which we can make a metal nail
  6. Every human has different tongue print just like fingerprints
  7. Human bones are more tenacious than steels
  8. 36 muscles used for one smile
  9. Every morning you are half inch taller and you lose that half inch by the evening
  10. If human eye was camera, then it would have 576 megapixels
  11. Music directly affects out heart beat rates
  12. We have more count of bacteria in our mouth itself than people on the earth

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