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11 things boys should not do while flirting


Well, if are a boy and planning to propose your dream girl on this valentine then you must have started the first step which is obviously friendship.

But remember you should not do these things, and if you do you may end up losing your love.

Have a read what you have not to do while flirting:

#1 Don’t ever lie about yourself

#2 Don’t make her always to listen your stuffs

#3 Don’t bullying

#4 Don’t show off

#5 Don’t get close, most girl don’t like initially, they may interpret it wrongly

#6 Don’t try to touch her unnecessarily

#7 Don’t text her until she shows some interest

#8 Don’t force her for conversation

#9 Don’t act too funny (doing excess in anything is not good)

#10 Don’t show your desperation

#11 Don’t use that best friend trick – most girl don’t like sharing the personal stuffs to friends