10 surprising facts about dreams, you would want to know

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes feel ‘tired’ in the morning after waking up?

Well, it has to do with your dreams.

Catch 10 surprising facts about dreams:

#1 A normal human spends around 6 years of life in dreaming.

#2 Almost 90% of people forget their dream after waking up.

#3 You can have up to 7 dreams in one night.

#4 While dreaming, you can only see those faces, which you have already seen in real life.

#5 People, who are born blind can’t see faces but can feel.

#6 Few people can actually dream about ‘upcoming events’. Like Abraham Lincoln who dreamed about his assassination.

#7 In males, 90% of seductive dreams initiated by females.

#8 Both men and women dream equally about the $ex.

#9 75% of people sleep again in the morning just to complete their incomplete dream.

#10 Due to dream, you may feel ‘tired’ in the morning.


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