10 sure signs which explain he just want to sleep with you

When two person fall in love and start their relationship, they rarely know about each other and hence they just can’t predict their partner’s ‘intentions’.

Well, today we have brought few tips, which will explain that he just want to sleep with you nothing else.

Let’s get started:

#1 If he avoids spending time with you

#2 If he only talks about your looks

#3 If his every talk ends up on bed

#4 If he becomes angry when you deny to sleep

#5 If he never plans any future with you

#6 If he seems not much interested in talking

#7 If he doesn’t check on you

#8 If he avoids to share his personal details with you

#9 If he checks others girls in your absence

#10 If he always tries to make you feel jealous


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