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10 signs that you have found the “perfect one” for you


People usually think that their partner aren’t perfect for them, so they either try to break up with their partner or they just sacrifice their thinking and wish.

That’s why to end up this confusion, here are few tips, which will make you clear on whether you have found your perfect one or not.

So, he/she is perfect for you:

#1 If he/she takes a genuine interest in your life.

#2 If he/she makes you feel special everyday (at least he/she tries to do so)

#3 If he/she chooses to talk with you on every issue rather fighting like a immature

#4 If he/she never thinks of cheating on you

#5 If he/she prefers your choices and wishes on top

#6 If he/she shares everything and doesn’t keep any secret

#7 If your family member like him/her.

#8 If he/she doesn’t treats you like “pet”

#9 If he/she cares for you, no matter how angry he/she is

#10 If he/she never makes you feel that he/she will break relationship, if you don’t act according to him/her.