10 signs tell that you are an option for him, not priority

We have been saying this all the time that in an relationship, you have to try always to keep the charm alive between two.

And if you feel there is something missing then that person might not be interested in you anymore.

Well, here today we have brought few signs which reveal that you have become an “option” for him.

Let’s get started:

#1 If he makes any plan without discussing or without even including you.

#2 If he doesn’t care how you feel in anything.

#3 If he makes you feel that you are not so important in his life

#4 If he ignores you, may be calls, texts or in person.

#5 If he never bothers texting you

#6 If he hangs out with friends more than you

#7 If he checks out other girls all the time

#8 If he never agrees completely that you both are together

#9 If he makes excuses for everything

#10 If he even after making mistakes, doesn’t show any sign of “regret”.


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