10 minutes loo break costs 0.3 million for this man

A toilet break merely takes around 10 minutes, but this man wasn’t knowing that this would cost him losing around 0.3 million.

#1 Meet Ashok Sitaram Vaishnav, a 40 year old businessman. He owns a small nail polish manufacturing industry.

#2 Like every day, he was on the way of his office. But he in between thought to take a loo break.

#3 He stopped at a public toilet. Before entering into the loo, he kept his bag, which contained around 0.3 million over a shelf.

10 minutes loo break costs 0.3 million for this man1

#4 When he returned back of loo, he found that his bag was missing and nobody was around there.

#5 He immediately contacted police, regarding the theft.

#6 Police has launched an investigation to track the robber, but yet there is no clue.


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