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10 lesser known facts about Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg; we all know this name and we all know why he very much famous in the online world.

But we bet, you would not know everything about him.

Well, don’t worry, today we have brought few lesser known facts about him:

#1 Mark met his wife for the first time at a fraternity party.

#2 Mark has a Facebook page for the lovable dog, which has over 2 million fans

#3 Mark has 335,000 followers on twitter , though he has just tweeted 19 times

#4 Mark suffers with red-green color blindness, that’s the reason why Facebook is primarily blue.

#5 Mark co-developed a music app when he was in school.

#6 Mark refused the offers from Microsoft and AOL.

#7 Mark became the most followed person on Google Plus in 2011, even more than the Google’s co-founder.

#8 Mark takes $1 annually as salary for being CEO of Facebook.

#9 Mark donated $1 Billion to charity in 2013, which made him biggest charitable donor within US.

#10 You cannot block Mark on Facebook.