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10 common things which we should not do while kissing


Kiss is said as the ultimate way to express love or the first step of love making.

But kissing someone is basically an art and we people usually make several mistake while kissing which most partner don’t like.

Well, today we here are explaining the common things which most partners don’t like while kissing.

Let’s get started:

  1. Avoid Bad Breath – Always check your breath before going to kiss. It may spoil mood of your partner.
  2. Don’t be in hurry – Go Slow always
  3. Don’t use too much tongue – Some girls don’t like too much tongue while kissing, so keep checking if they are avoiding tongue use then don’t use.
  4. Don’t make them wet – Well, most partners also don’t like to get wet while kissing, so avoid pouring all your saliva over their lip or neck.
  5. Don’t jump to next level so soon – This is may create a negative impression
  6. Never Kiss in tensed mood – Always keep yourselves relaxed while kissing
  7. Avoid biting – however, little or soft bites are good but you should have control on teeth
  8. Never keep your eyes open – Do not kiss while on open eyes. It shows you are not ‘enjoying’ the moment.
  9. Avoid kissing in chapped lips – Always apply some lip lotion before jumping to kiss
  10. Don’t kiss too early – Wait for your time and then kiss.