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10 Amazing life hacks to get soft and shiney hairs at home


We all want to have soft and shiny hairs but most of us wouldn’t like to spend huge money on it. So friends, here we are with 10 amazing life hacks to make your hairs soft and shiny and that all in home.

Lets get started:

#1 Choose the right product. It means choose shampoo or anything which you apply in hairs very wisely. It shouldn’t contains a lot of chemical and indirectly chemicals damage a lot.

#2 Always wash your hairs with cold water. Never go for hot or warm water.

#3 Get gelatin mask regularly. It helps maintaining protein in your hairs.

#4 Get Aloe massage. Rinse after one hour. It works as moisturizer for your hairs.

#5 Wash your hairs with beer. Beer has protein which strengthen s hair follicles and even makes hair look soft.

#6 Avoid taking bath with hard water.

#7 Try using coconut oil. It also helps strengthening your hairs.

#8 Never forget to drink plenty of water. Water is not only good for hairs but also for health.

#9 Eat iron and zinc rich foods. T hese minerals help hair follicles grow strong.

#10 Get Vitamin D and the best source is sun.