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Your hairs length says a lot about your personality

Our hairs say a lot about us and our personality.

Well today we have brought a trick with which you can get to know about girl’s personality, and this all just by seeing her hairs length.

Your hairs length says a lot about your personality

Let’s get started:

#1 Ear length hair – Intelligent, smart, quick thinker, straight to the point.

#2 Chin length hair – Creative, solutions finder

#3 Neck length hair – Caring and compassionate

#4 Shoulder length hair – Versatile personality, sometimes depressed sometimes happy

#5 Armpit length hair – Down to earth, logical

#6 Bra strap length hair – Youthful, Feelings hider

#7 Waist length hair – honest, true

#8 Hip length hair – Difficult to understand, feminine

#9 Tail Bone length hair – Flirty


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