Woman delivered a baby onboard, what she did next is incredible

A woman named her child after the Airlines company, in which she delivered him with the help of crew members and few doctors.

It has been reported that the lady after taking off, started experiencing labor pain. Soon the flight commenced landing, but it was too late by then. Hence the crew member along with three doctors onboard had to deliver the child.

The lady just to pay tribute to the Airline’s Crew, named her baby “Saw Jet Star” after the Airlines company, Jetstar Asia.

Woman delivered a baby onboard, what she did next is incredible1

The Airline later posted over Facebook “We’re most pleased to announce that a baby boy, named Saw Jet Star, was delivered safely onboard 3K583 by a team of doctors and the crew after the flight landed in Yangon on Friday, 22 April 2016”.

Company had also sent baby gift worth $800 to the mother.


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