This is how you can get your girlfriends Facebook password

If you think that your girlfriend would refuse to give her Facebook password, then here is a simple trick, with which you can easily find out her password.

But remember this can’t be performed easily on mobile device or tablet. It needs laptop.

Ok, let’s get started:

#1 Open Facebook in any browser.

#2 Ask her to fill her password and don’t see what she is writing.

This is how you can get your girlfriends Facebook password2

#3 But don’t let her press enter or sign in button.

#4 Now the trick begins. Right click on the password’s field.

#5 Choose “Inspect Element” option.

#6 A small window will open. The HTML Input Option will come pre-selected.

#7 Just change the type=”password” to type=”text” and press enter.

facebook password

#8 Bingo, Now check the password field again.


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  1. BillA

    February 7, 2017 at 8:16 am

    Omg this is an ancient trick, which mostly works on the stupidity of your gf… lol

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