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These mushroom will make you feel WTF

While exploring the natural world – we usually end up finding something very weird. And today we are showing you few of them…

These are the types of mushrooms found all over the world. Well, these are not a normal mushroom, they are just ‘scary’.

Have a look…

#1 bleeding teeth – this mushroom is known for its red juice and due to that it is called as ‘bleeding teeth’. Its binomial name is Hydnellum peckii.


#2 Puffball mushroom – it actually belongs to Basidiomycota subdivision of fungi family and in round in shape.

These mushroom will make you feel WTF

#3 Lion’s Mane Mushroom – due to its beard like structure, it is also called Bearded Tooth Mushroom. It’s also called as pom pom mushroom.

These mushroom will make you feel WTF2

#4 Indigo Milkcap I – this mushroom looks very pretty and basically found in eastern North America, East Asia and Central Asia.

These mushroom will make you feel WTF5


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