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These 9 terrifying ‘plastic surgery fails’ would give you ‘nightmares’

Most people around the globe go for plastic surgery either to make themselves more beautiful or to make look alike their some favorite star.

Well, thats the good thing.

But it doesn’t go good with everybody. Have a look below photos why I am saying this.

These ‘plastic surgery fails’ will definitely give you nightmares.

Lets get started:

#1 Nikki Cox – American Actress mostly known for her appearance in TV series.


#2 Daryl hannah – Another American Actress known for her movie Blade Runner.


#3 Amanda Lepore – American Model, Singer, Performers Artist


#4 Jackie StalloneShe is an American Astrologer


#5 Kristina Rei


#6 Pete Burns – He is an English Song Writer and also Singer


#7 Michaela Romanini


#8 Donatella Versace – She is an Italian Fashion Designer


#9 Hang Mioku


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