She was expecting her fourth kid, then this happened

The best moment in a woman’s life comes when she knows about her pregnancy.

And the same happened with the lady, Chloe.

She was expecting her fourth kid, then this happened2

She was very happy after hearing her pregnancy news. She started dreaming of a new member in her already three child family.

But one day when she visited to doctors for ultrasound – the shock of her life came before.

Actually, she was expecting for one girl child but doctor told her that there were triplets and among them one was very critical.

She was expecting her fourth kid, then this happened3

And the saddest part was – the baby in critical condition was actually the only girl child.

Doctor advised the couple to choose from two option – either to go for premature birth or let the girl child die.

They opted for the first option.

Luckily, everything went ok and all the three child are now perfectly fine.


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