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Playing Hide & Seek goes wrong, Man ends in Chimney

A couple were left in shock after hearing some unusual sound coming out from chimney. When they heard closely, they found that someone was moaning for help.

Well, it was Carrie Sapp and her husband Brad, who heard the moaning for the first time and called emergency services for help.

Playing Hide & Seek goes wrong, Man ends in Chimney3

The fire officers first thought to pull him up using a rope from the top of chimney but later decided to make a hole and pull him out as he was stuck badly.

Eventually, the man was taken off.

Playing Hide & Seek goes wrong, Man ends in Chimney2

The man explained to the officers that he was playing ‘hide & seek’ with his cousin, but it went wrong and he ended up in the chimney.

However, it still unclear how he became ‘naked’ while playing ‘hide & seek’, as he was found naked in the chimney.

He was charged with ‘trespassing’.


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