OMG! Dentist escaped death as he was attacked by a bull shark

It was a horrifying moment for the Dentist, who planned to have some enjoyment at Bahamas beach, but unfortunately he had to struggle for life after a bull shark attacked on him.

According to the American Dentist, Steve Cutbirth, from Texas, he was spear fishing in the Bahamas, when this horrifying life changing incident happened.

He said that he wanted to record every underwater moment. But he didn’t know that the camera would record something, which would change his life.

OMG! Dentist escaped death as he was attacked by a bull shark1

He shared by saying that initially felt that something just bumped onto him. At that point, he didn’t know, what it was.

But he soon realized that he was being attacked by a bull shark.

He without thinking anything, started trying to move upward and luckily the shark also retreated.

He said to local news ‘I saw death from inches’.


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