Nicola Mclean denies going back to her cheating husband despite regular pleas

Nicola Mclean came to a shock when she learnt her husband Tom Williams had an affair.

In a new development, she has announced that she broke relationship with the footballer and insisted that she wouldn’t go back to her husband despite her consistent pleas.

Nicola Mclean denies going back to her cheating husband despite regular pleas

At the birthday celebrations of jeweler Vashi Dominguez, Nicola said there was no point of going back for her – the marriage was over. She blamed on her husband that he killed the relationship in Las Vegas.

Paparazzis snapped the mother of two with Tom at Cicchettibar in London last week, brewing some speculation about the some kind of reconciliation. Recently, Nicola told reporters that Tom was asking for another chance, but she insisted there was no chance.

She said Tom confessed to her that he did the biggest mistake of his life, asking for one more chance.

“What is done is done. He has treated me appallingly and I just don’t feel the same way about him as I used to.” Nicola said.

The former glamour model was lamenting about her life with Tom, saying they had a great marriage with two lovely kids, but things had been changed after the revelation of husband cheating on her.

She also said she couldn’t take him as her husband but stayed as a friend for the sake of the boys.

She was in diamond jeweller Vashi’s birthday celebration party where the host gave away whopping £150,000 worth.


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