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Man fooled thousands of people by his 2016 Prediction

It’s very unusual in today’s Facebook to get a notification about some status or any picture, which you shared a year ago.

And a man, known as Pablo Reyes, wrote a status in December last year, in which he predicted future, has become brain spinning for people.

He wrote about the Gorilla’s death, Muhammad Ali’s death and many more things.

Surprisingly, few things he had written a year ago in his status, is coming true.

Man fooled thousands of people by his 2016 Prediction

HOW !!!!

Well, it is nothing than a small trick of Facebook.

Actually, Facebook allows to post a status in back date. You only need to click the clock icon before posting any status. Clicking the clock opens a small calendar in which you just need to choose the date and time.

Bingo. You have posted a post in back date.


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