Man died from snake bite, woke up moments before his cremation

A man, somewhere in India, woke up moment before his cremation and he was declared dead because of snake bite.

It has been reported that the 23 year old man, Sandeep, was in forest to collect when he was attacked by a snake.

At that time, nothing happened but when he returned back to village and told his parents about the ‘snake biting’.

His family members, took him to traditional tantric practitioner rather than taking him to some hospital.

The tantric declared him dead, eventually.

Man died from snake bite, woke up moments before his cremation1

Family took his body and started preparing for cremation.

But just moment before ‘burning’ his body, he woke up and started screaming.

The family again took him to the same tantric rather than visiting hospital, where he finally lost his life.

Only then, he was transferred to district hospital for postmortem examination.


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