Lucy Mecklenburgh shares her fitness inspired workout figure snap

Lucy Mecklenburgh seems to be source of fitness inspiration for other sweet ladies and women.

The 23-year-old shared a photo on Instagram, showcasing results of her consistent workouts. In it she is wearing a black bra and lace trimmed underwear, ensuring sculpted stomach.

Lucy Mecklenburgh shares her fitness inspired workout figure snap

Lucy captioned it as: ‘Morninggggg!!! @resultswithlucy workout done!! summer bodies are made in winter!!! #fitness#abselfie #motivation #resultswithlucy’.

Loyal fans of the star started complimenting immediately and one of them wrote: ‘that’s it. I’m calling the personal trainer this weekend’.

Presently she is at a healthier weight as earlier this year she was heavily criticized for being too thin.

Now Lucy said talking to a gossip magazine, ‘I’m fit and healthy, and I eat well because it makes me feel good… I don’t believe in starving yourself, and everyone deserves a treat, but obviously you can’t eat doughnuts every day and stay slim.

About the most effective exercise the star said it is gymnastics as the bottom of her bum is her problem area.

She also added further that dancing is great for burning calories.

It is reported Lucy is enjoying a string of dates with Louis Smith. This may give her more ways to gymnastic practices from the hunky gymnast.

Both met while filming the BBC gymnastics show.


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