Kanye Gives Mic To Fan In Wheelchair In Texas Concert

Kanye West usually does some kindhearted things and this time he gave his mic to a fan who attended his concert in a wheelchair.

The rapper is always known for such concert rants. In Texas yesterday he surprised everyone after giving his mic to Elliot Briones, fans of his for years.

Kanye Gives Mic To Fan In Wheelchair In Texas Concert

The Yeezy fan was in a wheelchair and was sitting in the second row. He was finding hard to see the stage and this was noticed by West.

Briones later said, “I was in the second row… There were a lot of people blocking me, and Kanye noticed… Kanye told the security guard to give me the mic.”

The security guard obeyed and gave him the gift of West. After the show Elliot further added that he want to thank the rapper.

Elliot is a fan of the 37-year-old star since Golddigger camer out, but he never before met him.

Elliot’s mom snapped his reaction on video after the mic was given.


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