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Here are the reasons why tall people suffer more than anyone

Being tall is a good thing, but sometimes it becomes bothering. Well, you might find it little confusing.

Here today we are talking about the problems, which tall people go through.

Let’s get started:

#1 Hugging becomes awkward – And specially when your partner is short.


#2 Living in a normal home becomes a punishment – Your roof always comes to say hi.


#3 Beds are no more comfortable – Because you become larger than Bed.


#4 You can’t feel comfortable in small cars


#5 Every short people hate you, probably


#6 You always have to bend to see yourself in mirror


#7 People think randomly that you must be good in sports


#8 Sitting in plane or bus or anywhere, becomes traumatizing


#9 You can’t enjoy taking bath in normal tub


#10 You always have to stand at the back during group photo


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