George Clooney, Amal Alamuddin Marriage Certificate Published In Vanity Fair

Yes, everyone is the same! Clooney or any other person, marriage is the same.

Last week was their D day as they tied knots and exchanged vows in the love city of Venice with a star-studded ceremony.

George Clooney, Amal Alamuddin Marriage Certificate Published In Vanity Fair

It has been made official now with a stamp over a paper. Clooney, 53 is now the wedded husband of Alamuddin, 36. All this is stated in their marriage certificate whose picture went viral soon after it was uploaded on their social networking accounts.

The important document was made public on the same day when the couple revealed its wedding photos. The third party publication called the Italian Vanity Fair was chosen for this purpose.

The certificate naturally is all dipped in Italian font, language and style. It is on a white paper which bears the signature of the Italian ministers of affairs. The certificate was issued by the civil state office and reads the name of the wedding city and the date of the nuptials. Other details mentioned in the certificate are their birth dates and birth cities which read Lexington for George and Beirut for Amal.

September 29 is the date when the marriage contract was issued to the two. According to sources, the whole wedding was estimated at $1.6 million, although the claims suggested somewhat between $5m to $13m bucks being spent on the wedding. Regardless of all, the wedding was a onetime feast for everyone in Italy!


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