Florida Man Fights to Keep his Pizza Eating Pet Alligator

Having a pet is kind of normal thing, and on majority people keep dogs or cats as pet, but this man has taken this ‘obsession’ to a whole new level.

#1 Meet this Florida based, David Van Buren, 47, who has kept an Alligator as Pet and when officials wanted to remove it, he started fighting and protesting against them.

Florida Man Fights to Keep his Pizza Eating Pet Alligator2

#2 According to a local news, he had brought the beast when it was baby croc around 5 decades back.

#3 Since then, the beast live in his home.

#4 But after all these years, the little cute croc has become a 13 feet deadly beast.

#5 David says that the beast loves to eat pizza and has never harmed anybody.



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