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Five Weirdest Deaths ever Happened in the History of Mankind

We all know that death is inevitable and we just cant escape it.

However, we have today brought a list of weirdest deaths ever happened in the history of mankind:

#1 Monica Meyer – The Mayor of Betterton was checking town’s sewage tanks, when she fell into and died.

#2 Queen Sunanda – Queen of Thailand drowned to death and nobody saved her because everybody present there were forbidden to touch her.

#3 Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov – A Russian woman woke up during her own funeral (she was wrongly pronounced dead) and then died because of heart attack.

#4 Hans Steininger – The man with longest beard in 1567, died because of his own beard which stuck in something during town fire.

#5 Basil Brown – He was a fitness freak and thought that drinking a gallon of carrot juice would be healthy but it killed him.


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