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Five signs that show she is not interested in you

Yes, guys this is valentine’s months and you may be preparing to propose your crush/friend but you should read before daring to propose.

Here are the few signs which explain she is not interested in you.

Let’s get started:

#1 If she refuses your offer to walk to home, or drop to home.

#2 If she calls you “bro” or “dude”

#3 If she unnecessary tries to set you up with her one friend

#4 If she says “who else is coming” when you ask her for a outing

#5 If she talks more about other guys before you

#6 If she chooses to sit on another furniture when you both are hanging out at either of apartments

#7 If she refuses any chances of touching

#8 If she comments on your Facebook photo saying you “Cute”

#9 If she doesn’t let you to pay her bills

#10 If she doesn’t show her trust towards you


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