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Emma Watson Spotted With Natural Beauty At Luxembourg For Filming Colonia Dignidad

She’s not just beauty, but also brains!

Emma Watson is blessed with natural beauty, there’s no doubt about it. She never fails to flaunt her beauty whatsoever. Last Sunday afternoon the Brown University graduate was seen at Ankunft Findel Airport of Luxembourg. The 24 year old star looked flawless even though she hadn’t put an ounce of make-up on.

Emma Watson Spotted With Natural Beauty At Luxembourg For Filming Colonia Dignidad

The widely known Harry Potter actress or Hermoine wore a pair of over-sized black designer shades and covered her porcelain face.
The young and fresh-faced star quickly removed her sunglasses as she landed, revealing her natural face without the aid of beauty products.

Emma had high spirits and was accompanied by one of her blonde girlfriends on the journey. Keeping her hair simple, she chose a black coat and skin-tight jeans as her journey armor, pairing all of that over a pair of flat Dr Martens boots.

Lastly adding a white scarf to her winter look, she was all set for her vacations in the northern European country. She is in the city for work purpose too, her current blockbuster flick Colonia Dignidad is also said to be shot in the same country.

The movie is about the Cold War era and is about the famous couple of Lena and Daniel which was separated in the 1973 Chilean coup as a result of overthrowing of country’s then president. The movie is expected to be a super hit and is set to be released in autumn next year.


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