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Client Watched Pet-Sitter getting Intimate with Lover from Australia

A client left in shock after seeing naked images of the pet-sitter with the lover whom he brought with him.

It has been reported that the client, Audrey Yang, had to go to Australia for 15 days, and for these days, she hired a pet-sitter to take care of her pet cat.

But while she was in Australia, she received an alert stating that someone was in her home.

She immediately logged into the system and received dozens of photos taken from the security camera, which she set up in her home.

Client Watched Pet-Sitter getting Intimate with Lover from Australia1

Audrey immediately called one her best friend, who also had a duplicate keys of her home, and asked to go to her home and check.

After few minutes, the couple got caught and since then Ahmet started blaming the ‘woman’ who came with him, for everything.

Eventually, the company had to pay for home cleaning.


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