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Boy was falsely accused of rape, what he did next is really shocking

Being a woman is very hard thing in today’s male dominating world. But let me clear, being a man is also not a piece of cake.

Well, you would understand clearly what I am saying after reading the story of the boy who was falsely accused of rape.

Let’s get started:

#1 Girl named Georgia, falsely accused a boy of rape.


#2 After almost a year of this dramatic incident, boy wanted some clarification, so he sent message over Facebook.


#3 She tried to make him understand.


#4 He blamed her for not coming out in public to clear everything out.


#5 She explained her “helplessness”.


#6 Now, he started to play mind games.


#7 He made her to admit that he did nothing wrong with her.


#8 But also she refused to say anything in public because of her current relationship.


#9 And then he revealed that he made her do what he wanted.


#10 Exposing alert.



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