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8 bizarre jobs across the world, #2 is really weird

It’s ok to say that “No any Job is small or worthless”, but it doesn’t change its status. I mean if a job is weird then its weird.

And today we have brought a list of some similar jobs (weird).

Let’s get started:

#1 Professional Ear Cleaners – Mainly found in India


#2 Cow Fart Smeller – To make a report on their health condition


#3 Golf Ball Retriever


#4 Armpit Smeller – To check whether the deodorant is working or not (deodorant checker).


#5 Professional mourners – Mainly found in China.


#6 Drying Paint Watcher – To ensure the paint is dried


#7 Underwater Pizza Delivery Job


#8 Professional Train Door Closer – Mainly found in Japan


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