7 Hollywood beauties who still in their forties look gorgeous

It is said that actresses lose their charm with age, and people hence start to dislike them.

But I don’t feel any big change in these celebrities or in other words I would say that these celebrities have managed to maintain their charm even in their forties.

Today we have brought 7 such celebrities.

Have a look:

#1 Kate Winslet – Birth of 5th October 1975


#2 Charlize Theron  – Birth of 7th August 1975


#3 Angelina Jolie – Birth of 4th June 1975


#4 Jennifer Aniston – Birth of 11th February 1969


#5 Jennifer Lopez – Birth of 24th July 1969


#6 Cameron Diaz – Birth of 30th August 1972


#7 Gwyneth Paltrow – Birth of 27th September 1972


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