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10 Unknown Facts About America, You Should Know Today

We have yet talked about several other countries i.e. about their unknown facts or their weird rituals & rules.

But today we will share few unknown and amazing facts about America.

Let’s get started:

#1 US receives around 100 acres of Pizza everyday

#2 Out of 100% of people who are in prison, 25% are in America only.

#3 In few part of America, minors are allowed to smoke but not allowed to buy one

#4 Christmas was illegal before 1836 as it was considered as Ancient Pagan Holiday.

#5 Valentines day is also considered as the National Condom Day in US.

#6 The US Government controls the GPS. They can switch it off whenever they want.

#7 Sitting over a sea turtle is a third degree felony

#8 Football coaches are the highest paid public employee.

#9 More than 83,000 bartenders in US are with bachelor degrees.

#10 Montana, a US State, has more number of cows than people


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