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10 Things You Won’t Believe Are Legal In The U.S.A.

You would surely have heard about the weird things which are illegal in USA, but today we have brought a list of weird things that are legal in USA.

Lets get started:

#1 You can drive a TANK on road.

#2 You can OWN a tiger as PET (Most Part of US).

#3 You can OWN a GRENADE LAUNCHER if you are native American.

#4 Its normal if you have sex with animals. In fact bestiality is encouraged in Kentucky.

#5 In South Carolina, you can fire a missile.

#6 In few states, you can misuse your exes pictures.

#7 In Massachusetts, you can drink alcohol even if you are under 21 but only with parent and at home.

#8 You can own a PIRAHNA.

#9 Going completely TOPLESS is legal in most part.

#10 Owning a KATANA is completely legal


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